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Dear Friends:

My father was a man who seemed to be able to fix anything. Through the eyes of a young child, I saw my father as a man who could take apart a car engine and put it back together (with no parts left over). He did a little plumbing work. He could do a little electrical work. He had a contractor build our garage, but he did a lot of the work on that, too. Most important to me, when I broke something (which was often), he could fix it. My mother used to call my dad the “fix-it guy.”

Almost everyone appreciates a person who can fix things, be it toasters, radios, lamps, or clocks. It used to be that almost every small town had a “fix-it” shop, but that is something rarely seen in our day and time. Today, if something becomes broken, we simply throw it away. Watches, washers & dryers, televisions, lawn mowers, and computers are just a few of the things that find themselves on the scrap heap for either the garbage truck to haul away, or for the “treasure hunter” to discover and attempt to fix it so it may still be used.  

What prompted my thinking about this was, in part, due to an article I have recently read in my “Homiletics” journal. The article asks the question: In a throw-a-way society, what else of significance do we throw away? We throw away values, traditions, friendships, decency and common sense. Have we also thrown away our souls? We have cast aside the spiritual component of our lives thinking that we can focus on that later. Then one day we wake up and wonder where we are, where we have been, and where our life has taken us. Deep down in our gut we know that something is wrong, that something is broken, that something needs to be fixed.

Is that where we are as we begin the season of Lent on Ash Wednesday, February 14? Lent is a season of recognizing our brokenness and bringing ourselves to the Great Restorer of Life, Jesus Christ our Lord. The Good News is that God will never cast us away onto the scrap heap of life. God finds value and worth in each and every one of us, and God recognizes the need we have for full restoration. God is all about repairing and redeeming. God can make all things, all persons, new.

All we must do is acknowledge the problem, in other words, recognize our sinfulness. Then we must submit ourselves to God, the Great Restorer, for treatment. Like King David in Psalm 51, we must ask God for mercy, ask for God to wash us clean, and pray for a new heart. The old heart, the old engine, the old self, is beyond repair. God will need to give us a replacement to fix what is broken. We know about our brokenness, so we must accept the help that God offers us. We must always remember that God is in the Repair and Restoration business. During this season of Lent, it is our time to seek the full restoration and deep love that God has for us. As we follow Jesus on the road to Jerusalem, may we acknowledge the need we have and discover the power of the overwhelming sacrificial love of the Lamb of God. It is a season of remembrance, a season of repentance, and a season of restoration. As we journey together, may you be blessed.


Pastor Tim

Ash & Dash—6 a.m.—9 a.m.—Once again this year we offer you the opportunity to do a “drive-thru” Ash Wednesday experience. Simply pull up in the circle and we will greet you with the ashes, a prayer card, and a cup of coffee so you can be on your way to the work of your day.

Ash Wednesday Worship Service—7 p.m.—Join us for a traditional Ash Wednesday service as we begin the Lenten journey.

EMBRACE THE UNCERTAIN is our Lenten Study for this year. We will gather each Sunday evening at 7 p.m. for a time of study, discussion and fellowship. Pastor Tim is welcoming you to join us in this Lenten opportunity.

WHAT 2 WATCH 4!!!!!

Friday, Feb. 2—Dinner and a Movie!  UMW Roast Beef Dinner—5—7 p.m.
 Movie—“Hidden Figures” at 7 p.m.

Sunday, Feb. 4—Worship and Communion
 Souper Bowl of Caring Luncheon by our UMYF!!!

Saturday, Feb. 10—Food Ministry/Community Supper

Sunday, Feb. 11—Worship—8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Tuesday, Feb. 13—UMM Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper
Tool for Ministry workshop @ Swartz Creek UMC

Wednesday, Feb. 14—Ash Wednesday (see above)

Saturday, Feb. 17—An Ol’ Fashioned Hymn Sing!!!

Sunday, Feb. 18—Worship—8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.  
Embrace The Uncertain Study @ 7 p.m.

Sunday, Feb. 25—Worship—8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.


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